• What is a corporate apartment?

    A corporate apartment is a fully furnished and professionally managed hotel alternative. Corporate apartments can also be referred to as a serviced apartment or furnished housing. Corporate apartments should include furniture, houseware items, all utilities, Wi-Fi, and cable TV. Maid service either every other week or once per week is usually available for an additional fee.

    Most corporate apartments are rented for a shorter lease term than the standard twelve months. Some furnished apartment leases offer flexible end dates and month-to-month options, which are most commonly available in metropolitan areas.

    Corporate apartments are used for business, government, military, and non-profit travel including relocation, projects, training, and internships. Guests staying in corporate apartments choose short term furnished rentals for a variety of reasons such as trying out the area before committing to permanent housing, receiving medical treatment, or visiting a city for an extended period. Corporate apartments are also a great fit for individuals who are waiting to close on a new home or undergoing a home renovation or repairs. You do not need to be a business or corporation to rent a corporate apartment.

  • Does corporate housing include utilities?
    Yes, corporate apartments and homes include utilities, Wi-Fi, and cable services. Your corporate housing provider should not charge you an additional “utility fee” as this cost should be included in your rent already. Utilities include any bills related to electricity, gas, water, sewer, and trash. High-end corporate housing providers will include cable TV, not just the ability to stream.
  • What should I bring to corporate housing?
    Pack for your stay in corporate housing similarly to the way you would pack for a stay in a hotel. Bring your personal items such as clothing, toiletries, and electronics. Your corporate apartment will include welcome items such as a roll of toilet paper in each bathroom, a roll of paper towels, single use detergents, and a liner in each wastebasket. Shortly after your arrival, you will want to shop for grocery items such as food, paper products, and garbage bags. Your furnished home will include towels, bed linens, TVs, art and décor items. The kitchen package will include items needed for everyday cooking such as a microwave, toaster, coffeemaker, pots and pans, mixing bowls, an assortment of cooking utensils, dishware, flatware, glassware, and placemats. Click here for a full list of furniture and houseware items provided by Corporate Apartment Specialists.
  • Are pets allowed in corporate housing?
    Yes, most furnished apartments are pet friendly. Each location has specific guidelines in terms of which types and breeds of pets are allowed. There are sometimes restrictions on how much a pet can weigh or how much the pets in the apartment can weigh in total. Most locations limit guests to two pets per household. To get the best housing options for you and your pet, make sure to provide all important information about your pets early in the process so we can make sure to narrow our search to the options that will welcome your pet. For more information on bringing a pet to corporate housing, please click here.
  • Who pays for corporate housing?

    Corporate housing can be paid for by an individual, insurance provider, employer, or relocation company. In some situations, guests pay directly for furnished housing before being reimbursed through their office or insurance agency. Our team at Corporate Apartment Specialists excels at providing customized invoices and receipts to make sure you have what is needed to be properly reimbursed.

    Payment is accepted by check or ACH (similar to online bill pay). Major credit cards are also accepted with an additional handling fee.

  • What amenities are included in a corporate apartment?

    Each corporate housing location offers a unique set of amenities. Most corporate apartments include access to a fitness center, an outdoor pool, and a grilling area. Outdoor pools are typically open from Memorial Day (late May) to Labor Day (early September). Occasionally, buildings will include an indoor pool which can be enjoyed year-round. Other common furnished apartment amenities include a business center which often includes access to printing, and a community clubroom or resident lounge with Wi-Fi.

    High-rise corporate apartment buildings almost always offer a concierge in the lobby who will accept packages on your behalf and answer questions related to the building amenity spaces. Luxury mid-rise and high-rise buildings often offer additional amenities such as a yoga studio, virtual workout room, dog spa, rooftop lounges with city views, or an outdoor courtyard with a fire pit or water feature.

  • Should I stay in a corporate apartment instead of an AirBNB?

    A corporate apartment is an excellent option for guests who want their stay to be managed by a full-time staff dedicated to ensuring a quality experience. Most corporate apartment providers prioritize quality of location and the upkeep of the apartment, furniture, and houseware items, rather than being a budget friendly way to travel. Furnished apartments also offer onsite amenities that range from swimming pools and fitness centers to shared workspaces and resident lounges.

    A reputable corporate housing company like Corporate Apartment Specialists has access to locations that prohibit AirBNB rentals. Often this includes high-rise buildings with a concierge, secured access entry to the building, and security cameras. These buildings also have dedicated full-time maintenance teams who can promptly address issues as they arise. This is very different from staying in individual homes or in locations where there is not a full-time maintenance team or any staff member on site, or even within reasonable driving distance.

    In the rare event when an apartment building or community that we work with has repeat quality issues, our company will stop offering stays at that location. All members of our management team are Certified Corporate Housing Providers through CHPA which requires them to pass a rigorous certification test and complete ongoing education regarding industry best practices.

    For more information on how to spot a corporate housing scam, please click here.

  • Should I stay in a corporate apartment instead of a hotel?

    Guests looking for a stay of 30 days or longer are excellent candidates for corporate housing. Corporate apartments include more space than the average hotel room with larger closets, a living room area, place to dine, and fully equipped kitchen with major appliances. A washer and dryer set is almost always included in the corporate apartment. In the very rare event that an apartment does not include a washer and dryer, our team at Corporate Apartment Specialists will always inform the guest prior to booking an apartment at that location.

    In addition to the increased square footage, you can also rent a two or three bedroom furnished apartment, which can offer a more cost-effective way to house a larger group of people. Unlike a hotel, bed configurations can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of the guest. At Corporate Apartment Specialists, we are happy to offer quotes for upgrades to a king bed, two twin beds, or a sleeper sofa instead of a standard sofa.

    Finally, corporate housing allows guests a sense of stability as they reside amongst the building’s longer term residents, rather than staying among hotel guests who often book for just a few nights. Corporate housing guests are encouraged to live like a local and explore nearby shops and eateries to make the most of their stay.

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