How to Find a Pet Friendly Corporate Apartment

Tip 1: Put Your Corporate Housing Provider to Work

Tell your corporate housing provider which pets will come with you before you book your accommodations. This includes pets that are only coming to visit for a short period of time. Many furnished housing locations have strict rules regarding breeds (including mixed breed dogs), weight limits, and how many pets are allowed in the corporate apartment. Honesty is always the best policy as locations can require you to remove any pets that do not comply with apartment community guidelines.

At Corporate Apartment Specialists, we are happy to let you know which locations will allow for your specific type and breed of pet. We also work with several apartment communities that allow for commonly restricted dog breeds such as Akitas, German Shepherds, Great Danes, Mastiffs, Rottweilers, and Staffordshire Terriers.  

Tip 2: Find a Place for Bathroom Breaks

Ahead of your arrival, try using Google Maps (or a similar application) to take a look at a map or street view of the area surrounding your corporate apartment so that you can scout out potential locations for walks and bathroom breaks. Most apartment communities will not allow pets to use the bathroom in the outdoor community areas such as the courtyard or swimming pool unless the amenity is specifically designated for pets.

If your pet needs to be walked outside, bring pet waste bags as corporate housing locations and most cities require you to immediately clean-up after your pet.

Tip 3: Update Your Records and Vet Contact Info

Remember to have your pet’s vaccines up to date and medical records readily available prior to traveling. If you are new to the area, research local veterinary clinics prior to your arrival in case your pet needs medical attention on short notice. Many travelers also purchase pet insurance prior to staying in a corporate apartment.

Tip 4: Pack the Right Items

Bring a few items from home that will help your pet feel comfortable in their new space. While food dishes and a leash might be an obvious must, a favorite toy or pet blanket can go a long way in helping your pet adjust to a stay in a corporate apartment. If your pet is uncomfortable in new surroundings and you will be away for longer periods of time, invest in a pet camera so that you can make sure your pet is happy and calm.

The Corporate Apartment Specialists Team is ready to help you find the location that best fits the needs of you and your pet. Please contact us today and let us know how we can best help you with your search for pet friendly corporate housing!

Whether you need a furnished apartment for one month, one year, or somewhere in between, allow the furnished housing experts at Corporate Apartment Specialists to assist you in finding your perfect interim home.

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