Airbnb partners with San Francisco's largest apartment landlord

November 15, 2017|Cnet

The home rental site makes a deal with Veritas Investments and startup Pillow Residential to boost short-term rentals in its hometown.


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What's Worrying the Business Traveler

October 26, 2017|Skift

What's Worrying the Business Traveler – Skift

In a complicated world, businesses are concerned with the safety of their workers on the road. Technology can help ease business traveler anxiety, but there is no flawless solution when something goes wrong.


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Report: Business Travelers Want More Travel Policy Flexibility

October 26, 2017|Associations Now

Report: Business Travelers Want More Travel Policy Flexibility: Associations Now


A new report from the Association of Corporate Travel Executives makes the case that an overly strict travel policy might be a turnoff for employees, who want an experience along the lines of consumer travel.


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Hurricanes Expected To Boost Extended-Stay Hotels

October 11, 2017|Hotel News Now

HNN - Hurricanes expected to boost extended-stay hotels

An analysis of how Hurricane Katrina affected the extended-stay hotel segment in 2005 and 2006 provides a benchmark for what lingering effects markets hit by 2017’s hurricanes can expect.


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