What to Expect from Corporate Housing in the DC Metro Area

Whether you’re relocating for your job and looking for more permanent digs or you’re just making an extended visit for business, corporate housing is an excellent option for people making the DC Metro area their home for thirty days or more. Corporate housing is a furnished residence available to rent for a temporary basis; this is typically an apartment, and it’s generally rented for a minimum of thirty days.

With DC’s booming economic development, temporary housing is a hot commodity. But what can you expect when you choose corporate housing?

1. Lots of Location Options

Washington, DC is a very walkable city with tremendous public transportation—in fact, a car can be a hindrance when you’ve got great public transportation at your disposal. Your corporate housing provider should be able to get you the residence you require in the neighborhood you desire, or with very easy access to a convenient Metro station. From Capitol Hill to Woodley Park, you’ll have easy access to all of Metro’s lines, ensuring a pleasant commute to work and to DC’s many fine restaurants and cultural institutions. 

2. A Curated Experience

A corporate housing provider with exclusive knowledge of DC will give you superior options; in short, they’ll present you with the best of the best that DC has to offer. Prime locations, premium accommodations and exceptional amenities (at an affordable price) can be yours with the right provider.

3. Get Close and Get Options

As mentioned above, DC is great for pedestrians. The closer you get to work, the easier it is to walk! Plus, walking is a major money saver, as well as a great form of daily exercise. Metro access is also appealing, to make sure you’ve got access to work as well as all the amazing features DC has to offer. CAS includes WalkScore on all of their listings, allowing users to check the walkability of the residences they’re considering. Here is the Walk Score for one of our Downtown Washington, DC listings at Camden Grand Parc (98 is hard to beat!): 

4. Outstanding Personal Service

Being away from home for business isn’t ideal, but a good corporate housing provider can make the experience a great one. A responsive and helpful staff willing to go beyond the call of duty to guarantee that your visit surpasses expectations will help you feel you’ve found a home away from home. Trying to navigate an unfamiliar city is difficult, so a helpful staff eager to handle any issues that come up during your stay can be a lifesaver.

5. Extras

The amenities available in corporate housing are the things that separate it from other options for temporary residence, so you’ll want to make sure that your provider has plenty of them.  Corporate housing provides you with space you'll never get in a hotel, not even if you're renting the honeymoon suite. One of the great features of any corporate housing is the fully functional kitchen, so you’ll want to check to see that your provider offers a kitchen equipped for you to cook whatever you desire. Additionally, you should check to make sure they furnish everything you’ll need for the bedroom and bathroom, such as linens, towels, blankets, and anything else that will make you feel comfortable.A washer and dryer are also requirements, as is a bedroom that's truly separated from your living space. Beyond the basics, perhaps you desire a fitness center or a pool? Maybe you’d like maid service, or help renting a vehicle? A good corporate housing provider should be able to accommodate these requests and more.

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Whether you need a furnished apartment for one month, one year, or somewhere in between, allow the furnished housing experts at Corporate Apartment Specialists to assist you in finding your perfect interim home.

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