8 Tips for a Great Capital Bikeshare Experience

All you need to do is check out one of their 3000 bicycles from any of the hundreds of stations across the city and return it once you've reached your destination. Fortunately, many of the corporate apartments available with Corporate Apartment Specialists are very near Capital Bikeshare stations, making it more convenient than ever to hop a bike and get where you need to go.  Here are some helpful tips to enhance your Capital Bikeshare experience.

1. Download the App

Even though it might feel like you see Capital Bikeshare stations everywhere you go, when it comes time to find a station, you might find yourself wandering aimlessly. Download the Capital Bikeshare app, and you'll always know where to find the nearest bike. Also, it will tell you if there are bikes at the station closest to you—vital knowledge!

2. Check the Map

While DC is a very bike-friendly city, there are spots that disallow bikes on the sidewalk. However, the Department of Transportation offers a helpful map that shows you where you can ride, and where it's forbidden.  Be sure to check before you leave your corporate apartment and set off on a bike.

3. Explore Your Payment Options

How long do you want to utilize Capital Bikeshare? They've got several convenient payment options. You can get a pass for 24 hours, 3 days, 30 days, or a year. The first thirty minutes of your ride are free with your membership, but each additional thirty minutes accrues an additional fee. 

4. Beware the Drivers

This applies to all bike riders: drivers aren't paying attention to bicyclists. It's up to you to keep your eyes up and be aware of the cars around you. Pro tip—beware the parked car. Assume that the car's occupant is about to exit at any moment, and give the door plenty of leeway. 

5. Know Your Bike

Before you set off on a bike, take a moment to get acclimated. Adjust your seat so that your legs are fully extended, check the brakes, and remember—the Capital Bikeshare bikes are STURDY. This is great if you're carrying groceries, but not so great if you're looking for speed and agility.

6. Remember the Rules

Just because you're renting the bike, don't forgo all the rules of bicycling that you learned as a kid. Remember to signal when you turn, stop for pedestrians, obey the traffic lights, and all that jazz. Capital Bikeshare requires riders under age 16 to wear helmets, and they strongly urge all riders to wear them as well. They are available for rental, too. 

7. Try to Control Your Road Rage

Yes, you're going to get cut off, and yes, the drivers around you will probably act like you don't exist as they text while driving and almost run you off the road. Take a deep breath and keep pedaling—but keep your eyes open.  

8. Plan Accordingly

Always, always leave ample time to get to the bikeshare station and bike to your location. Additionally, remember that you might arrive only to find that there aren't any bikes available, so make sure that you've got a backup station in mind. (The same thing can happen when it's time to return your bike; sometimes the station near your corporate rental might be unable to accept another bike, so be sure that you know another station nearby.) 

 As a visitor to DC, Capital Bikeshare is a great way to explore the city and avoid pricy cab fares. It's a fun way to get to know our nation's capital, and it can really enhance your corporate apartment experience.  

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