8 Amenities for an Extra Luxurious Temporary Apartment Stay

You're traveling for work, but you've decided that it's time to treat yourself to a little bit of luxury during your stay at a short-term apartment. Lucky for you, there are amenities available that will make you feel pampered even as you're taking care of business. 

1. Maid Service

Is there anything better than coming into your apartment at the end of the day, safe in the knowledge that someone else has cleaned everything up so you don't have to? Nope. It's one of life's great pleasures, and it's an easy way to inject a little luxury into your day. 

2. King Size Bed

It's a minor detail, but upgrading your bed to a king can make you feel a little bit like a rock star. Who knows-- maybe the extra space for sleeping will make you more productive during the work day! 

3. Premium Cable Package

If you're a die-hard movie buff, or if you're addicted to one of premium cable's many excellent hour-long dramas, it might be worth your while to upgrade your standard cable to include premium channels. You're worth it!

4. Swimming Pool

Maybe it stems from childhood, but there's always a little bit of excitement when you realize your building has a pool. You might not have a lot of time for leisure, but there's no better way to spend that sliver of time than lounging next to (or in!) the pool. Check out this beautiful rooftop pool at our location in Foggy Bottom.

5. Rooftop Lounge

Standing on the rooftop, surveying the city below you... what a feeling! A rooftop lounge can make you feel like the king or queen of the world.  There's nothing more luxurious than enjoying a nightcap as you watch the nation's capitol settle down for the night. 

6. Valet Dry Cleaning

Someone will whisk your dry cleaning away and return it, restored to ready-to-wear condition.  It's like magic. 

7. 24-Hour Concierge Service

If you wake up at 2 a.m., desperate for a burger, the 24-hour concierge service can help you get what you crave. This must be what it feels like to be famous.

8. A Scenic View

There's nothing more disheartening than looking out your window to see a dumpster slumped against a brick wall. Many of the high-end temporary apartments offer stunning scenery, with private balconies or terraces to enjoy the beauty our capitol city has to offer. Indulge your senses! 

Curious about luxury amenities you can enjoy through Corporate Apartment Specialists? Check out our full list of packages and upgrades.

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