6 Questions to Ask Your Corporate Housing Partner

You're going to be in DC for business for at least thirty days, and the idea of living out of a hotel for a month (or more) doesn't appeal to you; you want to feel like you're home during your long-term business stay, and a generic hotel room definitely won't give you that feeling.

So, you decide to look into long-term corporate housing, but you're not sure what you should ask to ensure that you're choosing the right place for you. Here are some of the questions you should ask before you sign a contract—these are the top six questions that can save you time, money, and stress in the long run! 

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1. How Long is the Lease? 

You're probably not planning to stay there for a year, so corporate housing with a month-to-month option is probably your best bet. Be sure that they have that option available to you before you sign on the dotted line! 

2. What are the Amenities?

You must determine what, precisely, your corporate housing actually provides for its residents. When they say the home is "fully furnished", what does that mean? Is it just the basic furniture, or will it have a totally stocked kitchen, with the plates and pots and pans and utensils that you need to make a nice meal? Do you need to bring your own towels and linens? To ensure that you'll truly feel at home during your stay, try to find corporate housing that offers the following options: 

  • Utilities are included (wifi and cable, too!)
  • Stocked kitchen, linen closet, and bathroom
  • Laundry capabilities on site
  • Special amenities that make you comfortable (king size beds, big couch, etc.)

3. Is it Accredited? 

It is to your advantage to make sure that the corporate housing provider is a current member of theCorporate House Providers Association (CHPA), the trade organization for corporate housing providers. CHPA members are held to a high standard of ethics, customer service, and professional behavior; if the provider you're considering is a member, it's likely that they're a quality provider. 

4. Are There Customer Testimonials or Reviews? 

There's no better way to know how the corporate housing provider treats their customers than to check in with people who have used their service. Presumably, if they have provided the stellar service that they promise, they have the customer testimonials to back that up. Check their website, or even independent sites, to see what people who used the service have to say about their stay.

 5. Can They Help You Find Your Way Around?

Of course, DC has a lot for you to do in your downtime; whether you're interested in exploring historical sites or museums, or if you prefer to go off the beaten path, you're sure to have some things you're eager to see. But maybe you're not sure where to find the sights you're eager to take in. If your corporate housing provider can provide a city guide, or even affiliates to help you get from point A to point B at a discounted rate, so much the better! 

6. Are the Locations Convenient? 

Before you commit to a corporate housing provider, be sure that they have housing available in the area that you'll be working. If you spend the money to get a comfortable space, you want to know that your daily commute won't be out of control. Take a look at the provider's list of locations, and see if they have housing located in a spot that will suit your needs! 

Corporate housing is a wonderful solution for business travelers, particularly travelers planning to be in one location for a month or more, but take steps to confirm that the provider you choose is the best provider for your needs. Simply ask the questions listed above, and then prepare to enjoy your stay! 

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