10 Essential Apps for Your Temporary Business Stay in DC

The average business traveler is dependent on their smartphone for any number of functions; it is your calendar, your alarm clock, your research tool, and now, with the advent of so many apps that can help you navigate your long-term temporary stay in DC, it can make your life easier and more comfortable than ever before. 

We've done the legwork to provide you with a list of the apps that will quickly become essential during your visit to DC. Check them out!

1. MetroMinder

Public transit is a major part of living in DC. Parking is at such a premium, it just makes sense to take advantage of the DC Metro—many of our corporate apartments are located very near metro stops. This app gives you the rundown on where your train is, how soon it will be there, and any issues you might encounter on your commute. It allows you to effectively plan your trip, with confidence that you'll arrive on time. 

2. SpotCycle

Capital Bikeshare is a wonderful option for folks who want to get a little exercise on their commute. It's also a fun way to explore the city that will be your short-term home. The SpotCycle app gives you the skinny on finding the nearest bike stand as well as how many bikes are available at each site. Additionally, it lays out the bike trails in the city. 

3. MyTaxi

If public transit and bicycling don't do it for you, check out the MyTaxi app. It allows you to summon a cab, and you can also pay on the app. No more fumbling for cash at the end of your ride. 

4. OpenTable DC

As a transplant to the city, OpenTable DC will be your new best friend. It will help you find a great restaurant near your corporate apartment, and you can even make a reservation without making a phone call. 

5. Smithsonian Visitors Guide

Yes, you're in the city for business, but you can't miss the opportunity to check out one of our national treasures—the Smithsonian museums! This handy app will guide you through each museum, with detailed maps and useful information. 

6. ParkMobile

Yes, DC seems to be a city designed for public transit, but sometimes you need to drive. The ParkMobile app not only finds parking near your destination, it allows you to pay with your credit card through the app. No more digging for change in the seat cushions when the price for parking is steeper than you thought. 

7. ScoutMob

Yes, you're new to town, but you want to experience it like the locals do. ScoutMob will help you find the spots that only the natives know; tons of carefully curated local experiences are at your fingertips with this useful app. Restaurants, boutiques, festivals, and more—you won't find yourself sitting at a boring chain restaurant again! 

8. GotEventz

If you're not interested in sitting at home in the evening, the GotEventz app is a must. It's got all the info on the happenings around town, including concerts, hot nightspots, and happy hours all over DC. 

9. National Mall App

The National Mall is a must-see for any visitor to DC. It's enormous, and the National Mall app is a fantastic resource that will help you plan your trip. It's a rundown of events occurring on the Mall as well as a useful guided tour that will ensure that you see all the sights. 

10. UberEats

It's been a long day, and you don't feel like leaving the apartment for dinner. That's okay! UberEats to the rescue! They work with more than one hundred restaurants in the DC area to deliver meals faster than lightning. 

This list is just the beginning; there are tons of great apps that can enhance your corporate apartment stay in DC. Explore the city during your short-term stay, with the help of your smartphone.

Whether you need a furnished apartment for one month, one year, or somewhere in between, allow the furnished housing experts at Corporate Apartment Specialists to assist you in finding your perfect interim home.

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