5 Charts Showing State of Short-Term Rental Regulations in U.S. Cities

October 26, 2016   |  Skift

Even as short-term rental sites like Airbnb continue to amass hundreds of millions of dollars in funding and legitimacy and inflate their valuations, there’s discrepancy in several U.S. cities between their lack of legal foundations for short-term rentals and severe restrictions they impose.

Take Atlanta, for example. The city has no legal framework for short-term rentals such as single bedroom rentals within apartments or homes, yet it has some of the most severe restrictions for such rentals in the U.S. Cities such as Denver, New Orleans and New York City have similar predicaments to Atlanta. That’s according to a recent study from R Street Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based political think tank, which examined short-term rental laws, legal finings and media reports from June 2015 to last month in the 59 largest U.S. cities to access their openness to short-term rentals.

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